Oh, I was so very happy to celebrate someone QUITTING SMOKING!!! Keep at it. (p.s. There are Adams. Maybe not 100 percent, but guys like that. I promise!)


This is the post in which Gayle Forman proves just how entirely completely awesome she is. Ironically, I have no words for her amount of awesome (and I am normally one of many words written words).  

I quit smoking 50 days ago and my good friend (of 12+ years!) had very obviously paid attention to my constant squabble about how I absolutely needed to add one of my favorite books - Where She Went - to my signed book shelf (and then have no need to purposely seek another signed book). 

I’m fairly certain Where She Went made me feel more emotion than 90% of any romantic relationship I’ve ever had. Like whoa. (Please, please let there be real Adams in this world!) 

Well… Gayle, being the amazing person she is, helped him out and pretty much made my entire year. (2012? Oh, that’s the year I got an amazing gift of a personalized signed book in which the author herself marked a page for me.) 

{Wait…can we please talk about marked pages and how entirely awesome they are? Because I love seeing amazing words highlighted and underlined and bracketed with love.}

Alright, I just needed to post about my love for what happened and both to Gayle Forman and Anthony Laatsch, thank you SO VERY MUCH from the bottom of my entire heart! 

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