Make sure you have your copy of JUST ONE DAY by January 11th, so you can be a part of the 24-hour read-a-thon!


Was any book MORE perfect for a 24-hour read than Gayle Forman’s new novel, JUST ONE DAY? I will answer my question with an answer: No! JUST ONE DAY is the best book to read in just one day, not only because of the title, or because main characters Allyson and Willem spend one perfect day together in Paris, but because once you start reading it you won’t be able to stop! You’ll want to curl up on your couch with a cafe au lait and read until the final page to find out what happens to Allyson and her sexy Dutch paramour. Don’t believe me? Read the first 9 chapters of JUST ONE DAY here.

JUST ONE DAY comes out on January 8, so be sure to get your copy by Friday. Why? Because we’re going to read JUST ONE DAY in just one day, and you’re invited! From 5:00 PM Eastern on Friday, January 11th till 5:00 PM Eastern on Saturday, January 12th, join the JUST ONE DAY 24-hour read on Twitter. How you can participate:

  • Tweet your progress with the hashtag #JustOneDay!
  • Follow the #JustOneDay hashtag to see where other people are in the book, squeal with delight, discuss theories, talk about the places Allyson and Willem travel to—whatever you want! Everything is free game!
  • Chat with author Gayle Forman using the #JustOneDay hashtag at 7:00 PM on January 12th. Ask her questions about writing and travel, or just beg her for JUST ONE YEAR spoilers (JUST ONE YEAR, Willem’s side of the story, comes out in Fall 2013)!
  • Use #JustOneDay to enter to win prizes from @PenguinTeen!

It’s the next best thing to a trip to Paris. :)